“I never looked so deeply before as when I started wondering how to paint what I was seeing.”

Amanda can say exactly why she paints. “Living in a state of wonder, exploration, joy, and reverence for the beauty of the world around me is where I want to be....

Painting connects the inside world — emotions, musings, insight — to the outside world, and the connection is very deep in both directions. My world is twenty times bigger than ever because of the play between the inner and outer.”

-- from an interview with Amanda by Susan McDowell, Vermont Arts Council



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My story

I have been blessed with a rich and varied professional life, first as a teaching and performing violinist in the U.S. and abroad, then as a teacher and administrator for an English language program in Spain. For over a decade I taught Spanish at a liberal arts college in Vermont, and a few years ago I retired from teaching to dedicate myself to watercolors.

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